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 II - Account Sharing

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II. Account Sharing

* Each account is entitled to be played by a single player at a time, account sitting being the only exception.

Account Sitting is allowed:

Account sitting entitles a given player to have his account watched over under the following regulations:
* A GameOperator must be informed before the sitting takes place, for example by IRC or opening a ticket.
* # No troop movements are allowed while the account is being sat unless an attack that may raid or crash the account is incoming, in which case you may save your troop(s) by deploying or transporting to a city owned by the account being sat. You may not ninja an incoming attack in cases where you would need to move troops for it.
* An account may only be sat for a maximum period of 12 continuous hours (GameOperators permission needs to be obtained in cases where a time extension is needed).
* The sitting period will be considered over if the actual owner logs in.
* No account may be sat during the first 3 weeks of a new World (Server).

The sitter may, on the account being sat and while the sitting period lasts:
* Spend Resources on buildings or researches.
* Save any troops that imminently endangered by an incoming attack, only with a deployment or transport mission to one of the accounts own cities.
* Place an account into vacation mode.

The sitter may not:
* Transport resources, neither between cities of the account being sat, nor to any other city.
* Spend Resources on defensive structures or troops.
* Sit an account if he sat another one within the previous 7 days.
* Sit an account that was sat within the previous 7 days.
* Remove an account from vacation mode.
* Change / delete any account characteristics


Accounts cannot be shared. Only the owner may play the account. However, during a time of extended absence, a "sitter" may be appointed. A Game Operator must be notified before any account sitting can start. A sitter can only spend resources on buildings, save troops in danger of being attacked, and place the account in Vacation mode. Sitters cannot, however, transport resources at all, build up defenses, sit an account until at least a week is up, sit an account that was sat in the last week, remove an account from vacation mode, or change anything that makes the account what it is.
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II - Account Sharing
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