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 XIII - Language

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XIII. Language

* The game publisher reserves the right to exclude players from outside the publishing country or these ones who are not able to speak the respective native language. This includes but is not limited to: Game, Board and IRC official chat-rooms

Special reminder regarding on:
* Ingame personal messages, ingame alliance pages, ingame alliance applications and ingame circular messages.
* Take into account that a member of the game support team might block you on a temporary or permanent basis. This includes both, accounts which might or might not have broken any of the points above.
* At the same time take into consideration that your behavior on any of our services might end up in a permanent or temporary ban from the whole community and its services.
* The Terms and Conditions stand above the rules, please read them as well.


This rule and rule XII - Content go hand in hand. Watch what you say and don't offend people. Remember, those are real people behind those accounts.
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XIII - Language
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